Thursday, 26 July 2012

GIMP Magazine is coming

How is it posible that the best open source image editor doesn't have a community-built magazine? That's the question that Steve Czajka and his crew made to themselves a few months ago and decided to start working on filling the gap.

They decided to call the project GIMP Magazine, and it will be featuring high quality tutorials, interviews, news and any other material of interest for the GIMP User Community and anyone who wants to know about this great editor.

The first issue will be launched this fall, so stay up through the official channels:


Our Universe...

How to do it

Monday, 12 December 2011

Das Comeback

Hallo Welt! I've been off for a big while because of my first trimester in the USB, but that doesn't mean that I've stopped learning about design although I must admit that the development of my skills haven't been as accelerated as I wanted but anyway I've got a couple of works to show.

During this trimester I was doing admition to 3D Arts USB, a student organizacion that focus on the production of short films and in order to reach their goal (now our :D) there are some challenges to the members of the organization in accordance with its skills and interests.

In my case, I had to do the general challenge that was do a lamp and besides something that would be related to my career (Computer Engineering) and I choose to do a tux. Here a couple of "wallpapers" (they need more edition to erase the quotes) and the links  for the .blend files if you want to use them:



Saturday, 10 September 2011

"Plaza Venezuela, Caracas" by Don Perucho

Plaza Venezuela, Caracas
Al Fondo Escultura cinética "Abra Solar" de Alejandro Otero (1921- 1990) Iluminación Nocturna.

Clark Little’s amazing photos captured from inside breaking waves by DM
How to take urban photos in unsafe places (by @inti)

Cogito, ERGO pingere

Under the aka ERGO Saúl Guerrero, 29, show us his stencils that seek "to show the people that outside their houses there's a different world" using images of people with African rasgos in contrast with the European-like prototype that prevail in the ads of the city.

Who is ERGO?

Saúl Guerrero is an anthropologist who was born in Bristol, slim, tall, fair skin and hair shorn that after a breakup 3 years ago started to make stencils in order to clear his mind. Nowadays he has even designed an album cover art and his stencils can be seen in Brussels, Lisbon, UK, and mainly in Chacao Municipality in Caracas.

Find more of his works at his blog http://estencilvenezuela.blogspot.com/
*.* ERGO + Piropo Design (T-Shirt from my wish list xB)